NewsNet Debut Well-Received by Viewers & Stations, Network Adds Affiliates

Cadillac, MI (January 29, 2019) – America’s newest 24/7 news channel has been on-air for just one month, but it’s already becoming the go-to news network for antenna TV viewers.

NewsNet launched January 1 as a subchannel on 18 TV stations across the country. The network follows a traditional “news wheel” format providing a quick look at the headlines every half hour, and has stayed away from the talk and opinion-based programming that’s become common on most 24-hour news channels. That’s a move that’s worked well for the new diginet.

“We’ve received enormous amounts of positive feedback from both viewers and affiliates,” said Eric Wotila, President of NewsNet, “They’re excited to have access to a diginet providing news headlines any time, and find our format very refreshing.”

That positive feedback can be seen first-hand on NewsNet’s social media pages: “Currently my favorite publication for keeping up with the world. NewsNet is unbiased news, period,” NewsNet Viewer Danny Hans posted in a review of the network, “I have yet to see a story with any slant or opinions, just straight facts. Basically, it’s news how news is supposed to be… I highly recommend these guys.”

Other reviewers mirrored that sentiment. Comments like “Just straight news without the mess. Great job so far,” and “Love the format and the no commentary reports. Just news and I like it,” can be found on the network’s Facebook page.

Positive feedback has already led to an increase in affiliates for the month-old network. NewsNet launched with affiliation agreements with 18 stations, but within its first month onair that number increased to 26 affiliates in markets including Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Detroit and Orlando.

“Since our launch, we’ve been getting calls on a daily basis from stations interested in affiliating with NewsNet,” said Wotila, “We’ve already added affiliates in Orlando, Fresno, Albany, and many other cities, and we’re looking forward to continued growth.”

NewsNet is currently finalizing affiliation agreements with numerous additional stations, and they’re continuing to seek affiliates in markets they don’t yet reach. Stations interested in affiliating with NewsNet can email to learn more.

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Dear Fellow LPTV Broadcaster and Industry Leaders,

The auction has ended and most of us are still here.  While it was not only our hope but the hope of many others that the auction would not take place . . . it did, but it did not have the devastating effect that it might have had. 

The world after the auction looks different and amazingly so has a very bright future!

What does that future look like?  Not only the amazing possibilities of ATSC 3.0 but the landscape of a nation of people who are increasingly cutting their cable cords and looking for free, over the air, broadcasting content.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that you join the Advanced Television Broadcast Alliance.  Our board of directors have a combined 500+ years of experience which beginning with your membership we are going to start making more available to our members on an increasing basis.

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The need for the ATBA has increased with the new opportunities that are becoming available for those of us who still know that the future of LPTV, Class A and Translators is bright!  Are you selling your station to local sponsors?  Are you maximizing your spectrum to the advantage that you truly can?  Are you struggling with FCC rules and regulations that you either don’t understand or can’t get explained?

The ATBA is developing a database of information to help you find the answers you need! 

In addition we are still working with the true decision makers in Washington.  Your ATBA has earned the respect and the ear of the true movers and shakers that continue to shape our collective broadcasting future.

So what can you do to get involved and begin to take advantage of these, and many other, benefits?  Join the ATBA today!  Your membership benefits will include:

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To be honest you can’t afford not to be a member of the ATBA! 

We’re making it affordable because it’s a win – win!  When you join, you’re going to receive more than just the benefits listed above but also you’ll be aligning with hundreds of others who, like yourself, have a vested interest in the continued forward movement of free, over-the-air broadcasting.  It’s a win for your ATBA because we will increase our strength through numbers as we grow together.

So what’s the next step?  If you’re ready follow this link to sign up.  If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to call a member of the ATBA board of directors by calling this number (877) 214-4277.   You’ll get a rapid response!

Thanks for taking the time to read this note and for your ongoing passion for the future of communication in this great country.


The Board of Directors – The Advanced Television Broadcast Alliance