NAB Show Partners With Variety for Executive Leadership Summit

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show has announced that it will be partnering with Variety to produce the third annual Executive Leadership Summit, taking place Sunday, April 19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

NAB Show is the world’s largest convention encompassing media, entertainment and technology, where global visionaries convene to bring content to life in new and exciting ways. As part of the collaboration, Variety‘s Intelligence Platform will issue exclusive access to a special report that will present an overview of the media business with unprecedented scope.

“We are excited to announce this partnership and look forward to strengthening the Summit with Variety‘s extensive industry knowledge and connections,” said NAB executive vice president of convention and business operations Chris Brown. “With their help, we will reshape this year’s ELS to reveal a more interactive and participatory event.”

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LG Electronics Collects Record Number of Awards at CES 2020

LG Electronics (LG) took home the most awards ever from industry experts at CES® – more than 150 honors this year, led by the Best TV of CES Award for the sixth consecutive year. The Best of CES Awards (the official CES awards program run by Engadget on behalf of the Consumer Technology Association) singled out the LG CX series OLED TVs as the cream of the crop from the literally thousands of new TVs shown at CES.

LG continued its dominance in the TV category with its industry-leading LG OLED TVs winning 83 awards and honors from a wide range of industry experts. The cutting-edge LG SIGNATURE OLED TV RX (model 65RX) “rollable TV” was honored by the Consumer Technology Association with the CES Best of Innovation Award in the Video Displays category. The LG SIGNATURE OLED ZX 8K TV was honored as the CTA Mark of Excellence Video Display Product of the Year. LG’s NEXTGEN OLED TVs powered by ATSC 3.0 received two dozen awards.

The new LG ThinQ front-load washing machine with AI DD received the most accolades among LG home appliances at this CES, recognized by USA Today and Newsweek, among others. LG’s InstaView™ Door-in-Door® Refrigerator with Craft Ice™ featuring a new slow-melting Craft Ice dispenser also had an impressive showing receiving the CTA Mark of Excellence Award, CES Innovation Award and recognition from Women’s Health.

LG G8X ThinQ with Dual Screen and 5G smartphones received CES Innovation Awards, while recognition went to LG’s new AI-infused Proactive Customer Care service and the jaw-dropping LG OLED “Wave” exhibition that welcomed tens of thousands of visitors to the LG booth.

Overall, LG won 17 CES Innovation Awards (CTA’s official program recognizing the best of the best at CES) across the home appliance, home entertainment and mobile communications categories, and LG received top accolades from tech experts and pundits at Time, Newsweek, USA Today/, Engadget, Future, Good Housekeeping, The Verge, Architectural Digest, among many others.

Top awards earned by LG at CES 2020 include:


  • Engadget: Best of CES
  • PC Mag: Best of CES
  • Editor’s Choice Award
  • Pocket-lint: Best of CES
  • HD Guru: CES Top Pick
  • CTA Mark of Excellence: Video Display Product of the Year

LG GX Gallery Series 4K OLED TV

  • Gear Patrol: Editor’s Pick CES 2020
  • BGR: Best of CES 2020
  • HD Guru: CES Top Pick
  • TechRadar: Best TVs of CES


  • CES 2020 Innovation Award
  • CTA Mark of Excellence: Video Display Product of the Year
  • Gadget Match: Best of CES 2020
  • BGR: Best of CES 2020

LG Signature RX Rollable OLED

  • CES 2020 Innovation Award
  • Engadget: Best New TVs at CES 2020
  • SPY: Best of CES 2020

LG Soundbar SN11RG

  • CES 2020 Innovation Award
  • CTA Mark of Excellence: Loudspeaker of the Year: Soundbar

LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier

  • CES 2020 Innovation Award
  • CTA Mark of Excellence: Emerging Technologies / Disruptor / Miscellaneous Home Technology Enhancements

LG ThinQ Front-Load Washing Machine

  • USA Today/ CES Editors’ Choice Awards: Editor’s Choice
  • Newsweek: Best of CES 2020

LG Proactive Customer Care

  • USA Today/ CES Editors’ Choice Awards: Editor’s Choice

LG G8X ThinQ with Dual Screen

  • CES 2020 Innovation Award

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Top cheap TV antennas (under $20) ranked best to worst

When it comes to free TV, new streaming services are great, but there's no beating a good TV antenna. And if you're cutting costs by dropping cable, why not shave a few more bucks off with a less expensive antenna? The best cheap TV antennas offer performance to match the more expensive models seen on our best TV antennas list, but some of the best sellers go for $20 or less.

And the best news? Even as broadcasters start switching to ATSC 3.0 in 2020 –bringing 4K broadcast to over the air TV – these antennas will all work with the new tuners.

While every antenna and every location is different in terms of reception and available channels, we strive to test each antenna we review in a way that provides consistent and comparable results. To do this, we test all antennas in the same location in New York City, an apartment that receives dozens of channels from a variety of broadcasters. Each antenna is connected to a Samsung KS9000 4K TV, so the TV tuner remains consistent, and each one is placed in the same position to generate comparable results.

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NextGen TV Could Fuel 50% Local TV Revenue Growth Over 10 Years, Says BIA

NextGen TV offers clear upsides for local TV stations, which have the potential to grow revenue 50% over the next 10 years as they deploy ATSC 3.0, says a new BIA forecast.

The outlook for 3.0, presented Jan. 16 at SMPTE Washington, D.C., Chapter’s NextGen TV Summit, finds that with advanced TV the compounded annual growth rate for local broadcasters has the potential to reach 8%, compared to a 3.8% CAGR baseline.

“While a number of questions remain, there are clear upside scenarios for local TV groups investing in NextGen TV,” said BIA Managing Director Rick Ducey. “Consumer side revenue business models will take longer to scale, but business and government business models can scale much faster.”

BIA pointed out that the transition to NextGen TV for broadcasters is voluntary and the rollout of ATSC 3.0 will be done on a market-by-market basis. Thus, consumer-based business models will have a longer adoption curve.

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Sinclair Broadcast Group (Nasdaq: SBGI) congratulates Fred Baumgartner, Director of Next Gen TV Implementation for ONE Media 3.0, its wholly-owned subsidiary, for winning Broadcasting & Cable’s 2020 Technology LeadershipAward. Presented since 1999, it is given to people who’ve made significant contributions to the television industry by helping develop and deploy technologies that have improved the TV experience for the public and strengthened the future of the industry.

Baumgartner is one of the broadcast industry’s leading voices and advocates for technological expansion and a critical leader in thinking through use cases for the Next Gen TV standard, particularly in Advanced Emergency Alerting and Information deployment. At the forefront of
the implementation of the transformative ATSC 3.0 broadcast transmission platform, Fred is a driving champion behind the industry’s commitment to provide unlimited access to broadcast content through all devices, including mobile. For decades, he has also been a tireless advocate for
education especially within the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

“The hard, detailed work to plan and deploy the new standard is where the rubber meets the road,” said Mark Aitken, President of ONE Media 3.0. “Fred’s deep understanding of critical infrastructure needs and pitfalls make him an invaluable contributor in moving Sinclair Broadcast
Group and the entire industry toward realization of these remarkable new capabilities.”

Award winners are selected by Broadcasting & Cable’s editors, evaluating their professional achievements, technical and business innovations, and continuing influence within the industry.

Upon receiving this award Baumgartner commented, “I’ve been quite lucky in my career to have had experience with just about every element that is baked into Next Gen Broadcasting. It’s great to be part of an organization pushing the envelope and dedicated to improving broadcasting with
so much exceptional upside.”

Fred joins past winners that include Sinclair’s Del Parks, Harvey Arnold, Mark Aitken, Rob Weisbord and Scott Livingston. The award will be presented at the annual Technology Leadership Summit in Atlanta on March 5th.

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Dear Fellow LPTV Broadcaster and Industry Leaders,

The auction has ended and most of us are still here.  While it was not only our hope but the hope of many others that the auction would not take place . . . it did, but it did not have the devastating effect that it might have had. 

The world after the auction looks different and amazingly so has a very bright future!

What does that future look like?  Not only the amazing possibilities of ATSC 3.0 but the landscape of a nation of people who are increasingly cutting their cable cords and looking for free, over the air, broadcasting content.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that you join the Advanced Television Broadcast Alliance.  Our board of directors have a combined 500+ years of experience which beginning with your membership we are going to start making more available to our members on an increasing basis.

Soon as an ATBA member, you will be eligible to start tapping into not only this brain trust through unique services available only to our members but regular news updates regarding our collective broadcast future.  We are exploring new ways to tap into information from Washington as well as important updates that will benefit you right there where you live.

The need for the ATBA has increased with the new opportunities that are becoming available for those of us who still know that the future of LPTV, Class A and Translators is bright!  Are you selling your station to local sponsors?  Are you maximizing your spectrum to the advantage that you truly can?  Are you struggling with FCC rules and regulations that you either don’t understand or can’t get explained?

The ATBA is developing a database of information to help you find the answers you need! 

In addition we are still working with the true decision makers in Washington.  Your ATBA has earned the respect and the ear of the true movers and shakers that continue to shape our collective broadcasting future.

So what can you do to get involved and begin to take advantage of these, and many other, benefits?  Join the ATBA today!  Your membership benefits will include:

  1. Members only access to hundreds of years of LPTV experience through our new “Brain Trust”
  2. Early entry to our annual NAB LPTV evening event with access to our special event guest(s)
  3. Exclusive digital content regarding real world information you need to know
  4. Eligibility for recognition for your hard work through our ATBA LPTV Awards
  5. Access to equipment manufacturers with discounts available especially for ATBA members!

To be honest you can’t afford not to be a member of the ATBA! 

We’re making it affordable because it’s a win – win!  When you join, you’re going to receive more than just the benefits listed above but also you’ll be aligning with hundreds of others who, like yourself, have a vested interest in the continued forward movement of free, over-the-air broadcasting.  It’s a win for your ATBA because we will increase our strength through numbers as we grow together.

So what’s the next step?  If you’re ready follow this link to sign up.  If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to call a member of the ATBA board of directors by calling this number (877) 214-4277.   You’ll get a rapid response!

Thanks for taking the time to read this note and for your ongoing passion for the future of communication in this great country.


The Board of Directors – The Advanced Television Broadcast Alliance