Over the past year, the media and marketing sector has continued to undergo a period of dramatic unrest. Digital media supply chain complexity, ad fraud and brand safety issues – with ads appearing next to decidedly dodgy content – have made advertisers question the platforms they use, and the media brands they chose to partner with.

With fake news on the rise, and an increase in the volume of distrusted and sensationalist content pushed out through social media, it is not surprising that consumers have also become more cautious and selective about where they get their information and who to trust.

However, an even bigger issue is that of consumer trust in the media (and their associated advertisers) being eroded by the very industry that has built its foundations on trust. Keith Weed, CMO of Unilever, is deeply concerned about the impact that all of this has on the consumer, and on the relationship between a brand and its customers, and has called on the industry ‘to collectively build trust back into our systems and society’.

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