TV Technology contacted the FCC’s Office of Media Relations for their input Oct 15, two days prior to Chairman Pai’s statement to the Senate Financial Services Subcommittee. The following statement was issued by Neil Derek Grace, Senior Communications Advisor, FCC:

“The broadcast repack is progressing as designed and is right on schedule. Overall, the number of stations that moved off their pre-auction channel in the first few phases of the transition schedule was actually ahead of the number of stations we planned to have completed because a number of stations asked to move earlier than their originally planned transition date. As of today, of the total 987 stations included in the 39-month Transition Scheduling Plan, 546 have already moved off their pre-auction channel. This is fully consistent with the number of transitioned stations anticipated when the Plan was prepared at the beginning of the transition period. With the end of Phase 6 scheduled at the end of this week we anticipate that number will increase by another 100 plus stations.

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