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Sinclair Wants to Use Its TV Stations to Build a 5G Internet Network


Today Sinclair announced a plan to partner with One Media 3.0 (a subsidiary of Sinclair) and Saankhya Labs to build a network enabling 5G  internet and OTT video. Sinclair’s hope here is that wireless providers will take advantage of this 5G network and its ATSC 3.0 TV stations to move video from streaming over 4G and 5G to using ATSC 3.0 over the air TV.

“Broadcasters have a critical seat at the 5G table. This work and product development will provide a ‘level set’ against expectations for broadcast services that are embraced by the 3GPP 5G standard.” said Mark Aitken, President, ONE Media 3.0. “These first deployments will elevate understanding of the cooperative role NextGen (ATSC 3.0) broadcast can play to make 5G networks highly efficient Broadcast/Broadband convergent networks. The ‘Direct to Mobile’ focus of this activity will leverage the one-to-many efficiencies of broadcast in a new topology that can provide high-reliability and large bandwidth solutions and make them available to the competitive marketplace.”

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