Imagine being able to stream live television broadcasting to your phone. Now, imagine being able to stream that same content to a large mass of people in need of emergency news broadcasting, with interactive features to boot. With ATSC 3.0, an upgrade to the traditional broadcasting system, you can now do this with customized programming and crystal clear graphics.
WKAR was one of the first broadcasters in the nation to receive an experimental license to develop new programming using ATSC 3.0 technology. The public broadcast station aims to use the new technology in the Media Innovation Lab for informative and educational purposes, tapping unique technology that combines the reach of television broadcasting with the capability of high speed internet. In short, interactive television. 

“You have this hybrid, where it can be much more interactive and efficient for air space,” said Eric Hunter, Research Dean at ComArtSci. “You could build that backbone, but then you could put so many things layered on top of it.”

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