FCC Advances Items of Interest for Broadcasters

At FCC’s monthly meeting this week the agency advanced proceedings exploring ways to make additional use of “C-band” spectrum (3.7 to 4.2 GHz) and proposing revisions to children’s television programming rules.

Currently, satellite operators that aid broadcasters in distribution of programming are among users of the C-band. The FCC, seeking ways to ensure U.S. leadership in next generation 5G wireless technology, is considering whether or not it is feasible to allow mobile broadband to also use the band. In a release, the agency stated, “The Notice proposes to add a mobile (except aeronautical mobile) allocation to all 500 megahertz in the band and seeks comment on various proposals for transitioning part or all of the band for flexible use, working up from 3.7 GHz, including market-based, auction, and alternative mechanisms.” Of note, in light of such deliberations in Washington, NRB suggested last month that its members consider the FCC’s window for registration of existing C-Band earth stations.

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