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ATSC 3.0 Financial Opportunities Series Available


As the spectrum repack winds down and commercial ATSC 3.0 stations light up, attention is shifting from implementation to monetization. Sinclair Broadcast Group and ONE Media 3.0 presented a series of six webinars over the past three months with a deep bench of business, advertising, transportation, computing, media and technology experts from a variety of industries.

The Webinars –

1.ATSC Monetization 101, The root characteristics of ATSC 3.0 that enable monetization strategies
2. NextGen News, Targeting for news and emergencies
3. NextGen Advertising, Targeted ad delivery, data management, and analytics
4. Datacasting, Data Delivery as a Service (DDaaS), content offloading, autos, IoT
5.  Enabling the Broadcast Internet, How the ATSC 3.0 broadcast core can enable 5G, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
6.  ATSC 3.0, the Innovator’s Platform, The market forces expanding ATSC 3.0 

Visit https://www.atsc3advocate.com/ to see all six webinars –