Virtualization and cloud technology have transformed most other industries. ATSC 3.0 will enable broadcasters to participate in these transformations as well. The convergence of broadcast and broadband platforms being managed in the cloud is now firmly within our grasp through the development of the Broadcast Core Network. This next generation of communication technology will be enabled by the merger of AI, hyper-computing, and hyper-wireless communications. With 5G, ATSC 3.0, and other wireless platforms becoming ready resources for connectivity.
This wireless piece of this system, which includes ATSC 3.0 spectrum, is critical because it enables the “last mile” connectivity which is typically the most complex, costly, and data-intensive part of large networks with consumer access.

Topics will include:
• The new wave of entrepreneurial innovation enabled by unprecedented computing and communication capabilities in the hands of the smallest companies
• Access to managed cloud services and local dedicated infrastructure
• Deflating the cost of building and maintaining local IT infrastructure
• Enabling our current, heavily siloed, IT and communications infrastructure industries to move beyond silos and share data, content, ideas, and efficiencies.
• How market economics will merge siloed multicast and unicast operations, enabling sharply higher performance and a new wave of entrepreneurial growth

Moderator: Lynn Rowe, One World Technologies
Jerry Gepner, COO, CP Communications
Michael Kaplan, Global Leader for Media & Entertainment & Pro VR, NVIDIA
Vern Fotheringham, CEO, ARK Multicasting, Inc.
Louis Libin, Vice President of Spectrum Engineering & Policy, Sinclair Broadcast Group Hiren Surti, Director of Product Development, Crown Castle

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