The Christian Broadcasting Network Launches CBN News Channel: The First 24-Hour News Channel from a Christian Perspective

Exactly 57 years (October 1, 1961) after The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) debuted on the airwaves of a tiny UHF station in Portsmouth Virginia (WYAH-TV), CBN returns to network broadcast programming Monday with the launch of the CBN News Channel, the first 24-hour Christian television news channel. Pat Robertson, founder of CBN, and Gordon Robertson, CEO of the network, made the announcement Monday.

For its initial debut, CBN News Channel is available Over The Air (OTA) in these 15 markets:

  • Los Angeles               KHIZ                  Ch. 39.7
  • Atlanta                        WUEO               Ch. 49.5
  • Detroit                        WUDL                Ch. 19.7
  • St. Louis                     KBGU                Ch. 33.6
  • Nashville                     WKUW              Ch. 40.6
  • Indianapolis                WSDI                 Ch. 30.4
  • Kansas City                KAJF                  Ch. 21.5
  • Milwaukee                   WTSJ                Ch. 38.5
  • Oklahoma City            KBZC                 Ch. 42.2
  • Norfolk                        WAVY                 Ch. 10.4
  • Memphis                     KPMF                 Ch. 26.3
  • Wichita                        KFVT                  Ch. 34.3
  • Springfield MO            KOLR                 Ch. 10.4
  • Shreveport                  KTAL                  Ch. 6.4
  • Lubbock                      KAMC                Ch. 28.4

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