NextGen TV offers broadcasters the opportunity to personalize ads sent to households or, a bit more broadly, zone ad delivery to neighborhoods in a DMA, creating entirely new competitive possibilities for local television stations and a way to better serve the needs of advertisers.

I reached out to Graham Heap, senior director of the Ad Tech product portfolio at Imagine Communications, to find out if the advertising technology is in place to support broadcasters looking to cash in on these addressable advertising opportunities.

What I learned was that ad technology being used to enable addressable ads for platforms like OTT, cable and satellite are easily repurposed for NextGen TV.

But there’s more to the story. To fully leverage the possibilities of addressable advertising there needs to be a shift in mindset among advertisers, ad agencies and broadcasters, one that grasps the value of buying—and selling—audiences in the aggregate as opposed to the traditional commercial spot, says Heap. 

In this interview, Heap discusses NextGen TV ad tech as well as how a shift in focus away from spots to an aggregated audience will better serve advertisers and broadcasters. 

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