Broadcasters have asked the FCC to dismiss cable operator petitions to reconsider parts of its framework for allowing broadcasters to roll out the new ATSC 3.0 transmission standard, saying cable ops are simply rehashing rejected positions in order to get different results.

In comments on requests by NCTA-The Television & Internet Association, the American Cable Association and the American TV Alliance for the FCC to review and modify that framework, the National Association of Broadcasters said that the cable ops were “not so much petitions for reconsideration as they are airings of grievances, intended to remind the Commission that NCTA and ATVA would have preferred a different outcome in this proceeding.”

March 5 marked the official start of the ATSC 3.0 voluntary rollout, but it was just the latest marker in the battle among broadcasters, cable operators and computer companies over how the new advanced broadcast transmission standard should be allowed to unfold.

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