Home News LPTV Group Seeks FCC Auction Data, Time

LPTV Group Seeks FCC Auction Data, Time

LPTV Group Seeks FCC Auction Data, Time

Low-power television advocate Free Access & Broadcast Telemedia is asking the FCC to re-open the record for public comments related to the broadcast incentive auction.

Specifically, the group is challenging the assumptions made about the effects on LPTVs.

“The commission has repeatedly underscored the importance of LPTV stations to their local communities and in the context of the digital television transition, has taken steps to ensure the ongoing viability of LPTV service. Prior to the recent auction rulemaking process, the commission routinely highlighted over many years the ingrained value of LPTV stations as providers of diverse programming options, ownership opportunities for minorities and women and as a lifeline where LPTV stations provide the only means for obtaining free over-the-air television,” says FAB in its petition filed this week.
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