satellite dishes

Saankhya Labs and Ligado Networks announced an ecosystem partner agreement to develop next-generation satellite communication products and technology.

As part of the agreement, the companies will collaborate to evaluate and define the adaptation of advanced mobile broadcast technologies for operation on Ligado’s advanced satellite network, as Ligado moves to enable integration of standards-based satellite connectivity in the growing market for mobile broadcast and multicast services. 

Both mobile operators and broadcasters have developed and deployed standards-based technologies to enable mobile broadcast services for inexpensive, mainstream devices. These services complement unicast connectivity, enabling new lanes for content delivery and associated business models.

Ligado operates a mobile satellite service (MSS) for government and commercial customers across North America. The Reston, Virginia,-based company is enhancing its MSS offerings and developing innovative 5G mobile private network services for enterprise customers across public safety, manufacturing, agriculture and other critical infrastructure sectors.

“We’re working aggressively to advance 5G mobile private networks and believe that ubiquitous satellite and terrestrial connectivity is essential for enterprise users,” said Ligado Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Maqbool Aliani. “We are excited about our work with Saankhya Labs as pervasively-available, customized broadcast content delivery is an essential component of evolving enterprise networks, and Ligado’s advanced satellite network is uniquely positioned to deliver it in technical and economic harmony with standard 5G unicast and broadcast technologies.”

Saankhya Labs, a premier wireless communications and semiconductor solutions company, is experienced in design, development and deployment of mobile satellite service terminals and hub-side baseband. Saankhya offers a wide range of satcom solutions including satellite phone, two-way MSS terminals and end-to-end communications platform for satellite internet of things (IoT) applications. 

Saankhya’s satcom products and technology, based on its award-winning low-power software-defined radio chipsets, have an excellent track record in powering satellite networks of strategic importance. Saankhya is a trusted partner of the Indian Space Research Organization. It provides real-time tracking of trains for Indian railways, and its vessel tracking terminals assist the Indian maritime agencies involved in coastal security. 

Saankhya Labs has extensive experience in design and development of a variety of narrow and wide-band waveforms, both for terrestrial and satellite applications, including key innovations in Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) 3.0 mobile broadcast technology. Leveraging its end-to-end expertise, Saankhya Labs is well poised to address the requirements of next-generation satellite broadcast services.

“We are excited to work with Ligado Networks,” said Saankhya Labs CEO Parag Naik. “Our heritage in satcom and extensive experience in standards-based mobile broadcast technology development perfectly align with Ligado’s grand vision of delivering state-of-the-art mobile satellite content delivery services. Together, we will help create and address newer and greater opportunities delivering unprecedented value to customers.”