Join us next week for our LPTV weekly webinar on Wednesday, April 7, 2020 at 3pm Central to hear from Heidi Steffen from TitanTV Inc .

Steffen will be discussing how to help consumers find your channel with an antenna, not just for your ATSC 1.0 signal, but now for your ATSC 3.0 signal as well. is a consumer website owned & operated by TitanTV, Inc in partnership with CTA and NAB, that allows consumers to enter in their home address to find out what channels they can get free over-the-air with an antenna. New features have been recently added to AntennaWeb, designed to take the guesswork out of choosing the correct outdoor antenna type for a consumer’s location and viewing needs.

The first new feature is a free television listing built into AntennaWeb for the broadcast stations and channels that may be received at the consumer’s location with an antenna.

The TV listing is created and ready for viewing after the consumer has entered their address/ZIP Code information into AntennaWeb. The schedule may be viewed by clicking any of the My Schedule links that appear in the menu bar, in the rotating information panels at the top of the main page, or on the Results page.

Customizable lineups for broadcast, cable, satellite, and streaming services are also still available for free from  TitanTV.

The second feature in this update to AntennaWeb introduces consumers to NEXTGEN TV, the next step in the evolution of television broadcasting. In the markets where one or more stations are broadcasting in the NEXTGEN TV standard, those stations’ call signs have an -NG appended to them in AntennaWeb’s listings guide to differentiate the NEXTGEN TV broadcast from the current standard.

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