Imagine that you’re stuck in traffic on the George Washington Bridge. Every lane is packed, and more than half of those vehicles are semi-trucks. The easiest solution to handle all of the traffic is to build another bridge for the largest, most frequent travelers. It would give them a reliable route that is better, faster, cheaper, and more predictable while also making way for free-flowing traffic for everyone else. The same type of solution can be used for transmitting data on the internet. 

When everyone moves data over a single congested route, the result is a traffic jam and slow connectivity. What ARK Multicasting, Inc. brings to market is that additional bridge for data delivery. Using a new broadcasting standard, television stations can now route the largest and most consumed internet content wirelessly to millions of households simultaneously. This new transmission path offloads large files from the congested internet superhighway and builds a new special transmission path for those large semi-trucks. Our customer—whether it’s an over-the-top (OTT) provider, internet service provider (ISP), autonomous driving vehicle company, educational institution, or the content owner—simply pays a toll to get that data across the bridge in a faster, better, cheaper way. Their end user is then happy because they no longer have to deal with slow internet speeds, buffering, or worse: no connectivity at all. 

This is the story of how ARK Multicasting is building that “bridge” to ease digital traffic, trailblazing a new path in the broadcasting space. We have challenged the way people think about data and showed them how to embrace this new broadcasting standard.