FAB Speaks to Vacant Channel Issue

Free Access & Broadcast Telemedia, LLC (FAB) filed Ex Parte Comments on recent meetings with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.)
In particular among other points covered, FAB called on the FCC to immediately and formally suspend any further consideration of whether to award one or more so-called “vacant” TV channels for unlicensed use.
 “Carving out additional spectrum for unlicensed services would marginalize bona fide licensed LPTV stations in contravention of the FCC’s responsibility to protect diversity and localism, and deprive LPTV of desperately needed repack channels post-auction,”stated Dave Seyler, FAB Communications Director. “FAB believes the continued threat of a plan allowing unlicensed free-loaders into the 600 MHz band is depressing bidding by wireless carriers right now and, in any event, would almost surely threaten the FCC successfully wrapping up its own incentive auction money transfers and final licensing.”  
Included along with the attachment is FAB’s most recent submission into the FCC’s pending “Vacant Channel” proceeding. Click here to read fab-ex-parte
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