comScore: cord cutters tend to have lower incomes than pay TV subscribers, watch less television


A new comScore study out today has taken a deeper look at the behavior of cord cutters here in the U.S., in order better understand how this growing demographic differs from pay TV subscribers, as well as what factors may have influenced their decision to leave cable TV behind. According to the report, cord cutters tend to be lower to middle income, and – despite spending more time on streaming services than the average viewer – they watch far less television than your typical pay TV customer.

What’s notable about the comScore study is that it’s based on behavioral data, rather than relying on people’s own self-reporting, like many of the cord cutter studies release prior to today. Simply put, that means this study measured what cord cutters actually did, rather than what they say they did.

ComScore says it came to its conclusions after analyzing over-the-top viewing data in the month of March, 2017 for around 870 cord-cutting homes in its 12,500+ household panel.

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