Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark LLC (hereinafter “COMARK”), a manufacturer and supplier of DTV transmitters, encoding systems, and associated field services for over 45 years, has announced that Christian Television Network (CTN) has ordered multiple PARALLAX® UHF DTV transmitter systems for their non-repack requirements.

CTN has been operating several older UHF DTV transmitters that are end-of-life and in need of replacement.  CTN executed a contract with COMARK for the replacement of six systems with PARALLAX® transmitters.  All the new transmitters will reuse existing RF mask filter systems, keeping the upgrade costs to a minimum.  The CTN stations covered under this package include:

  • WRXY             D23 @ 24kW   Model: HPTV-PRLX-U15
  • WHBR             D34 @ 19kW   Model: HPTV-PRLX-U12
  • WCLF              D21 @ 22kW   Model: HPTV-PRLX-U14
  • KNLJ               D20 @ 29kW   Model: HPTV-PRLX-U18
  • WTJR              D32 @ 28kW   Model: HPTV-PRLX-U18
  • WHNO             D21 @ 15kW   Model: HPTV-PRLX-U9

These transmitter systems will be replaced between 2021 and 2023, with COMARK managing the shipment, offloading, and placement of the new equipment in each transmitter facility as well as taking care of the equipment installation, final check-out, and proof-of-performance. 

COMARK debuted the PARALLAX® UHF high efficiency transmitter at NAB 2016, where it won NewBay Media’s Best of Show Award, presented by TV Technology.  PARALLAX® provides broadband Doherty performance and a future proof design.  PARALLAX® offers all broadcasters:

  • Highest power liquid cooled solid state transmitter available, with up to 27.5kW TPO per rack cabinet and multiple cabinets for 100kW
  • Highest efficiency with wideband Doherty technology
  • Unique vertical high-gain power amplifiers, providing 2kW per PA module for UHF
  • Asymmetrical Doherty; same power in 8VSB and OFDM
  • EXACT-V2 DualCast ATSC 1.0 / 3.0 upgradeable; preserves investment
  • Hot-swap AC to DC rectifiers with >96% efficiency
  • Made in the USA; serviced and supported out of Southwick, MA

“Comark supplied our first transmitter for our first TV station in 1979, as well many other transmitters for our subsequent TV stations” Stated Chris Mavros, Director of Engineering at Christian Television Network. “We have had experience with some transmitters from other manufacturers, but we have chosen Comark as the company that is our preferred manufacturer to take us into the future.”

“This contract is a continuation of the great relationship between our two organizations. CTN purchased several PARALLAX® transmitter systems for their repack needs where we confirmed the product’s performance and reliability.  We’re proud that CTN has selected us as a long-term supplier for their high-power DTV broadcasting needs” says Joe Turbolski, VP of Sales and Marketing at COMARK.