Please join SMPTE NY for our June 23, 2021 meeting.

The goal of this session is to shine a light on ATSC 3.0 conversations, innovations, and concerns among small market TV broadcasters. We will talk about current deployments, technology launch strategies, and evolving business models. The panel will review the innovations and technical strategies for ATSC 3.0 in low power and small market TV stations, then answer your questions.

Panelists include:
Joshua Weiss is the Co-Founder & CEO at ARK Multicasting, Inc. which is one of the largest and most innovative low power TV station owners in the US.

Larry Patrick is a long-time broadcaster and media broker. His firm has sold over $8.5 billion worth of television and radio stations over the past 20 years. He and his wife also own 25 small-market radio stations in the Rocky Mountains and have an interest in several major market television stations. Larry is a former Senior Vice President of the NAB, Chairman of Ion Media, Chief Operating Officer of Gilmore Broadcasting and has owned or operated over 100 radio and 85 television stations. He holds both a Ph.D. in communications and management as well as a law degree from Georgetown University.

Perry Priestley is Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Chief Strategic Officer(CSO), Broadcast Electronics. Perry has unique strategic insight into technical strategies that scale well to small market TV broadcasters.

Josh Gordon is a TV Industry Strategist who worked at Broadcast Engineering Magazine for 20 years before starting his consulting firm. He now advises broadcasters and TV industry suppliers on strategies to move business forward.

Meeting Produced by Tom Mauro and Josh Gordon

Tech Producer: Wes Simpson, Founder,

Jun 23, 2021 05:30 PM inĀ Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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