With the upheaval in the broadcast industry – channel sharing, channel moving, and antenna rescans are becoming common occurrences for the viewing public – educating and informing viewers about these changes is essential.  In addition to the direct efforts of each broadcaster, there are other initiatives underway to support broadcasters and viewers during the repack.

One of these initiatives is NAB’s www.tvanswers.org web site.  This initiative has been carefully crafted by the NAB to address viewers in demographics and geographics most likely to need to rescan in order to maintain channels.  Focus groups provide input, and content and videos provide instructions.

Another project is TitanTV’s www.antennaweb.org web site.  This site is co-sponsored by the NAB and the CTA.  It is informed by a variety of data sources, but among the most important is the Antenna TechSpecs application.  This utility allows station engineers to update the signal parameters of their broadcast, which in turn directly updates the information provided on antennaweb.org as well as titantv.com.  This free utility allows stations to easily see what a signal area looks like on a map to visualize where their viewership can receive a signal.  Finally, TitanTV and the NAB are sharing information regarding repacks and rescans to help ensure timely information is reflected on both sites.  Stations are urged to keep these organizations informed so that they can effectively support you – and your viewership – during these changes.

Contact TitanTV today via titantvinc.com to request free access to Antenna TechSpecs and Signal Area Map for your station.