On the heels of recent ransomware attacks, as an industry, we need to take a look at our systems and networks. 

Keeping ransomware off your system isn’t difficult.  Much like preventing malware and viruses, best practices are pretty much the same. A ransomware attack must have some access to your system, usually through a rogue application. Be sure you and your staff are cautious about downloading or opening any files from the web or your email if you’re not very certain of their source.

These hackers now use a variety of social engineering methods such as spoofing an email that looks like it’s an urgent message from a staff or family member, or a friend to try and get you to install o download files you think are attachments. Consider strongly again and again before opening and running anything on your computer, especially if it arrives without your expectation.

Besides being careful about what you click on or download, there are three rules of system security that you should always apply: Protect, update, and back up. All malware, including ransomware, often exploits older or unpatched operating systems and software, and just because you might be on a macOS, don’t think you’re immune!

Protect – a good security software and firewall is your frontline protection.  Be sure you’re protecting your email and web browsing along with regular scheduled scans. Airgap any systems that do not need regular access to the Internet to operate.

Update – very simple. Keep your operating systems and software updated to the latest versions.

Backup-I run a local backup and a cloud backup to all our systems.

Share what you’re doing to protect your operation!