IMG_4506PARK CITY, UTAH – May 16, 2014/ On the heels of Thursday’s FCC Incentive Auction Report and Order announcement, the National Translator Association convened its yearly convention with discussions on the future of Translator and LPTV stations. ATBA Executive Director Louis Libin addressed the audience on thoughts for the future of Translators and LPTV Stations in the first morning session.


“Yesterday’s FCC meeting did not tell us a lot and no one outside the FCC has seen the Report and Order” said Libin. “As an industry and owners and operators, we do not need to panic. This is just the beginning, it is not the end – the end is nowhere in sight. Our industry is an extremely diverse industry, which is one of our strengths but becomes a challenge to bring everyone together. This is all about the story. People do not understand translators and when people are educated, it makes a true difference in understanding our issues.”


Also on the panel was Peter Tannenwald, attorney with Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth.


“One thing is the Commission is slowly coming around to recognize the value of television broadcasting,” said Tannenwald. “I don’t really think they appreciate the full importance of free over the air broadcasting. Even so, many translators are still funded by community organizations and county governments and you can’t magically wave your hand and say go get a bunch of money and go do it. I fear that a lot of translators will go off the air because they will be unable to fund the post auction transition.”


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