CADILLAC, MICH.Donald Trump made a campaign visit to Cadillac in March—the first visit by a presidential candidate since George Wallace campaigned in 1972.

Like all of the candidate’s events, Trump’s visit drew enormous crowds, far bigger than any venue in the town of 10,000 could hold. All the local media plus several national outlets, including CNN and Fox News, were in attendance. However, of all the broadcast media at the event, only one TV station, WMNN-LD, broadcast the rally live and in its entirety.

I built WMNN five years ago, after being interested in TV for as long as I can remember. I got my start in the industry by running a camera for football games at the local public access station at the age of 13. By the time I was 16, I had an internship in the news department at the local Fox affiliate—a small enough station that the running joke was, “go send the intern to cover the fire.” I would regularly be put on assignment due to the station’s small staff.

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