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Fincons Group unveils digital platform for HbbTV and ATSC 3.0

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Fincons Group will be showcasing its latest endeavor, the Smart Digital Platform for media and broadcast businesses, at this year’s HbbTV Symposium and Awards taking place 21-22 November 2019 in Athens.

The solution is the first to be entirely compatible with both European HbbTV and new USA ATSC 3.0 standards.

Fincons Smart Digital Platform (SDP) is a flexible and fully customisable modular framework designed to provide Hybrid TV and OTT solutions and to act as an accelerator for new services scenarios. As such it is built to integrate with the latest standards, but it is also ready to be expanded and personalised as new technology becomes available. The SDP tool stems from Fincons’ pioneering experiences with HbbTV applications, such as the well-known Mediaset Play service, as well as ATSC applications.

As the two standards continue to evolve and provide each other with new learnings and inspiration, Fincons has leveraged its unique role in the development of both standards to design the first platform that is truly compatible with both: a unique opportunity for international entertainment businesses and broadcasters especially in a market environment that is seeing more and more international players join forces -and content- to leverage their assets and reach broader sections of the market well beyond national boundaries.

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