The FCC revealed that basic cable rates and expanded basic cable rates had risen in its annual basic cable rates report on Oct. 12. The report is made by the Media Bureau and required by Section 623(k) of the Communications Act of 1934. It measures the rates of the 2014 calendar year, ending on Jan. 1, 2015.

The reports are made surveying the “average prices for all communities.” This year, the report revealed an increase of 2.3 percent of rates for basic cable rates to $23.79. Expanded basic cable rates increased by 2.7 percent to $69.03. The average price per channel (price divided by number of channels) in expanded basic cable packages decreased from 1.8 percent, to 46 cents per channel

Beyond rates, the report also measured the “effective competition” for cable companies in the U.S.

“Cable operators in communities where the Commission has found effective competition accounted for 47 percent of cable subscribers nationwide,” the report said.

You can read the original report here.