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CBA Says C-Band's 280 MHz is Worth Up to $77 Billion


The C-Band Alliance, comprising incumbent satellite users of that midband spectrum, is telling the FCC that the 280 MHz of satellite spectrum the FCC wants to auction for next-gen terrestrial wireless broadband (5G) is worth up to $77 billion. It also said the cost of clearing 300 MHz (the 280 MHz, plus 20 MHz for a guard band) would be about $3.3 billion. 

That came in filings to the FCC meant to demonstrate the value of the spectrum its members have been “operating” for four decades. 

Networks use the C-band to deliver programming feeds via satellite to cable systems and TV and radio stations. 

CBA argues the FCC needs to compensate satellite users for that spectrum, most recently saying that the FCC should require bidders on the cleared spectrum to agree to pay satellite users for exiting early.   

“[I]f the U.S. government determines it to be in the public interest to push out incumbent users who for decades have built their businesses around this spectrum, then fairness and the law dictate these important rights-holders should receive fair value for their efforts in expediting the clearing of this spectrum and making it available far more quickly than would otherwise be possible,” CBA told the FCC. 

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