The ATBA will be hosting the 7th Annual LPTV Awards again at NAB ’23. Here is your opportunity to shine the light on your work and the excellence in the LPTV Industry. The winners will be presented at the ATBA LPTV Industry Reception and Awards on April 17, 2023 at the Westgate Resort in Las Vegas.

Entry must have been produced between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022 and aired on an LPTV Station.  Entrants MUST be current members of the ATBA for 2023. Deadline is 5pm CT March 31, 2023. Entry Fee per Entry is $25.

Low Power Television Station of the Year The Low Power Television Station of the Year should display innovative and creative programming through its daily schedule; demonstrate sound financial decisions; be a force for the local community in events, issues, and stories; demonstrate a commitment to produce local programming to meet the needs of people within the TV station’s broadcast area; and work in partnership with local community leadership and nonprofits to provide a media platform for voices unable to be heard elsewhere.

Best Television Talk Show The Best Television Talk Show should deal with important issues of the day; have guests who are engaging, authoritative, and able to communicate effectively; engage the culture in a compelling way; demonstrate strong production values.

Best Television Special Program The Best Television Special Program will demonstrate the telling of an important story in one episode.  The recipient of this award will demonstrate a unique vision and perspective of a story that attempts to spotlight an issue, service or special person in the community.  The recipient will have demonstrated a compelling use of the television medium from both artistic and technical standpoints.

Best Local Television Commercial The Best Local Television Commercial shall promote a product, service, event, or organization and shall not exceed 30 seconds in length. The commercial should be creative and innovative, and its call to action should be memorable to its intended audience.  The commercial should effectively engage the audience by using the television medium from artistic, technical, and communicative standpoints.  The commercial must be designed for an intended local audience. The commercial must have been aired at least once on a local LPTV broadcast station between January 1, 2021, and January 1, 2023.

Best Television Public Service Announcement The Best Television Public Service Announcement award will go to the LPTV station that produces a PSA that is designed to educate and inform the general public about a free public service that is offered by a non-profit or governmental organization.  The award will represent the best in technical quality and creativity, and present a compelling message about a public service.  The length of the PSA shall be no less than 15 seconds and shall be no longer than three minutes.

Best Television Mixed Media Campaign The Best Television Mixed Media Campaign must consist of four or more executions of a common message.  Including the base television example, the campaign may include expressing the message on multiple platforms such as social media, print, radio, smart phone, tablet, web, billboard, etc. The message portrayed in the mixed media campaign may be commercial, promotional or PSA in nature produced by the station.

Best Creative Television Programming The Best Creative Television Programming will demonstrate a unique vision and perspective of an important current issue and/or theme. The program shall be episodic in nature.  The recipient will demonstrate the highest standards of quality, creativity, and innovation. The program must engage the culture and will have demonstrated a compelling use of the medium from artistic and technical standpoints. The program must be long-form (at least 20 minutes in length).

Best Promotional Television Campaign The Best Promotional Television Campaign will demonstrate a unique and compelling promotional concept for a television program or LPTV station. The campaign must utilize television and at least one additional medium (radio, print, social media, etc.) and show creativity, quality, and innovation. The campaign should show effectiveness in engaging its core audience, and ability to attract an audience to the televised event or the station in general.


All entry material must be sent to us by 5pm on Friday, March 31, 2023. After entry form submission, send media by, Google Drive or to [email protected]. Judges will include seasoned independent professionals in the industry. ATBA Board Members and staff will not be included as judges. Judges will work independently and will judge entries on a points basis that will be tabulated together for the winners.  Submission Guidelines can be found here.

Entry Fee per Entry is $25.