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ATSC 3.0 Enabled Phone is a Reality


The ATSC 3.0 enabled phone is a reality.  Although not on the streets of the U.S. yet,  Mark Aitken, president of One Media LLC and an ATBA Board Member, took delivery of the first – “The MarkONE-RD.” 

“For my ‘techy’ friends…many of you know that we have been working on building a complete Smart Phone that features the new broadcast chipset from Saankhya Labs and holding the ONEMedia name brand,” said Aitken in a social media post today. “Yesterday, the first one was handed to me  – and I did shed a tear or two – many years in the making.”

We’re all looking forward to the chipsets being a part of all phones someday! Congratulations Mark, Saankhya Labs and ONEMedia LLC.