Statement by Lee Miller, Executive Director of the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance, the Low Power Television Industry Association, on passing of the Low Power Protection Act by the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on March 22, 2022:

“The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA) greatly appreciates that Senators Blunt, Wyden, Klobuchar, and Fischer have recognized the important contributions that LPTV make in today’s media landscape.  While we, of course, wish that all LPTV could have the opportunity to seek Class A status, we believed that the Low Power Protection Act is an important first step as it will open the first Class A window in two decades.”

“From the beginning, this was a targeted bill to provide additional protection to LPTV stations providing local service in small, mostly rural markets. We are happy for those broadcasters who will benefit from the additional certainty this bill will provide. We hope this will be the beginning of a new approach in Congress and the FCC that recognizes the contributions of LPTV stations to diversity, localism, and innovation.”

“We continue to enthusiastically support it because it will benefit many deserving LPTV.   We look forward to using this bill as a model going forward and working with Congress to expand Class A status to more LPTV in the upcoming years.”