The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA) again called upon the FCC to protect Low Power Television and Translators in the spectrum auction and repacking process. In response to the May 20, 2015 Public Notice “Competitive Bidding Procedures for Broadcast Incentive Auction . . .,” the ATBA believes the small amount of information released and the absence of any stated purpose for the release raises more questions than they answer.

The ATBA in comments called for the FCC to set caps on the highest clearing target for spectrum.

“We asked for a cap of 84 MHz per market and that the FCC will look to determine and minimize temporary and permanent disruption of LPTV and translator stations,” according to Louis Libin, ATBA Executive Director. “We also remind the FCC of all the benefits of LPTV to the American public, especially diversity, a key American principle.”

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ATBA Final Comments – Modeling PN 6 3 2015