Call for Entries - 2016 LPTV Awards


The ATBA is hosting the 2nd Annual LPTV Awards during NAB 2016. Here is your opportunity to shine the light on your work and the excellence in the LPTV Industry.The winners will be presented at the ATBA Reception at NAB on April 18, 2016.

Entry must have been produced between January 1 ,2015 and December 31, 2015 and aired on an LPTV Station.

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NAB 2016 Sponsorship Opportunities

2016 Sponsorships at NAB are now available.  Exciting things are in store for 2016!

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LPTVs and Translators Can Channel-Share

WASHINGTON—The Federal Communications Commission today outlined provisions to accommodate low-power television and translator licencees through the incentive auction process.

The FCC said today’s Third Channel Sharing Report & Order builds on previous commission actions by:

Permitting Channel-Sharing: The Third Report & Order allows channel sharing among LPTV and TV translator stations. READ MORE




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FCC Outlines Auction Application Aids

Broadcasters interested in putting spectrum into the upcoming broadcast incentive auction will want to mark Dec. 8 on their calendars and bookmark this FCC online tutorial.

The FCC is trying to clear up to 126 MHz of spectrum from broadcasters to re-auction for wireless broadband.

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Save Our TV


ATBA launches new website to direct consumers to petition the FCC to save local TV. The website is located at

A generic TV Spot advertising the website is available for download here.   Save Local TV National 720

Download 1280 Generic and Blank Spot Here.

This spot may be tagged with local station information.

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