Broadcasters and Consumers Should Be Wary

Adonis Hoffman wrote a great Op-Ed piece published by the New York Times today. An adjunct professor at Georgetown University, he was most notable for being chief of staff and senior legal adviser to Commissioner Mignon Clyburn of the FCC. Read the article here and get into the discussion.

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ATBA Announces 2015 LPTV Awards

We had some great entries in our first annual LPTV Awards. The LPTV Station of the year was really tough for our judges with all of our station entries deserving of the honor, but the honor will go to one station with just a two point difference in the top two.


Low Power Television Station of the Year IMG_7679

WMNN-LD MI NEWS 26 Cadillac, MI






Best Television Special ProgramIMG_7667

For Israel's Sake, EICB-TV, Dallas TX







Best Creative Television Programming IMG_7669

(Points tie)

Reencuento, KHTV-CD, Los Angeles CA





Wiseflix, EICB-TV, Dallas, TXIMG_7670







Best Television Talk ShowIMG_7673

Focus Today, TheDoveTV KDOV-LP-44, Medford, OR






Best Television Mixed Media CampaignIMG_7675

Sneak Peak Gravity Sports Network, K38LY-D, Farmington, Utah






Best Television Public Service Announcementa---Best-TV-PSA

Faith Refuge, CFNT K24-HHD, Wichita Falls Texas







Best Local Television CommercialIMG_7665

Windham Mtn Resort TV Ad 2014-15, WYBN TV 14 Red Hook, NY






Winners were recognized during the ATBA Awards and Reception at NAB in Las Vegas at the Westgate LVH on April 13, 2015.

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ATBA Presents Hall of Fame Awards at NAB 2015

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – April 2015/ The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA) bestowed honor to three legends in the Low-Power TV/Translator industry at the ATBA hosted event during the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas this week.

Honorees included Dr. Paul James Broyles Jr, Kent Parsons and Ron Bruno.

“The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance honored true pioneers of the broadcast industry with these awards,” said Gary Cocola, ATBA Chairman. “Dr. Broyles was a true leader that made great sacrifices to build, expand and maintain LPTV stations to help many others do the same. Kent Parsons legacy includes a translator network he helped design, install and maintain that now serves more than a million residents in the west. Ron Bruno has long been a leader in the LPTV industry as an owner/operator of multiple stations and by his guidance of the former Community Broadcasters Association.”

The ATBA Hall of Fame Award is an annual award given an individual or company that has made a significant and lasting contribution to the LPTV/Broadcast Industry.

“As founders and pillars of LPTV & tramslators, the ATBA "Hall of Fame" awardees have demonstrated lifelong achievements in the industry,” said Louis Libin, ATBA executive director. "Our industry is made up of many legends and this year, the ATBA Board has chosen to recognize three, although two are no longer with us, their legacy has made an everlasting impact on us and our industry.”

Louis Libin, ATBA Executive Director and Paulette Broyles, IBN president.

Louis Libin, ATBA Executive Director and Paulette Broyles, IBN president.

Dr. Paul James Broyles Jr signed on one of the first LPTV stations in Texas in February of 1982. He then went on to launch nine more stations, all broadcasting Christian programming 24 hours a day. He also headed an orphanage and school in Honduras for 20 years before recently turning them over to another organization

A champion for Low Power TV, he fought hard for LPTV stations and the free over-the-air programming that they offer. Dr. Broyles made hundreds of filings, wrote letters, and encouraged all to do so as well. Dr. Broyles died December 2014. His wife Paulette accepted the award.

Kent Parsons was an engineer who brought radio, television and distance education to the rural west, a pioneer in creating the west’s first network of television and radio translators in the 1950s and 60s. These translators deliver broadcasts from Salt Lake City to rural communities in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada and Idaho. Kent Parsons, a 37-year employee of the University of Utah, was instrumental in expanding the coverage of public stations KUED, KUEN and KUER. The translator network he helped design, install and maintain now serves more than a million residents in the west.Kent-Parsons-Award

Parsons served many years as vice-president of the National Translator Association. Considered by many as the father of TV translators, there are stories of him literally hauling tube transmitters on horseback to mountain peaks in Utah during the 50s and 60s. The effort resulted in today’s extensive television translator network in Utah and was a model for the nation. Mr. Parsons passed away in 2014.

Louis Libin, ATBA Executive Director and Ron Bruno, Bruno Goodworth Network Inc

Louis Libin, ATBA Executive Director and Ron Bruno, Bruno Goodworth Network Inc

Ron Bruno is the Owner and President of The Bruno Goodworth Network Inc. which operates multiple Low Power television stations. Mr. Bruno is the former president of the Community Broadcasters Association and was a member of its Board of Directors for 14 years. Prior to starting The Bruno Goodworth Network Inc. Bruno worked at KDKA-TV from 1982 - 1990 as a Producer/Cameraman and Editor. He was also a News Cameraman for WTRF-TV in Wheeling from 1980 to 1982.

ATBA is currently advocating for preserving and promoting the efficient and effective use of all television broadcast spectrum. An NAB Associate Member, the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance is an industry organization comprised of low power television broadcasters, translators, full power television broadcasters and allied industry organizations and companies. The goal of the Alliance is to preserve and promote the efficient and effective use of all television broadcast spectrum. Visit for more information and to join.

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Gary Cocola, ATBA Chairman

ATBA Announces New Board Members at NAB

Las Vegas / April 14, 2015 - The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA) announces today new board members elected at the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters Convention LPTV Day. Here are the new board members:

Gary Cocola, ATBA Board Chairman, Cocola Broadcasting Companies, KMBY
Rob Folliard, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Gray Television
Annette Garcia, President and GM, Son Broadcasting
Howard Mintz, General Counsel, Mako Communications

"We are excited with the new additions to the ATBA Board of Directors," says Louis Libin, ATBA Executive Director. "We have a fantastic group of industry professionals that will help drive our mission and goals."

Continuing board members include:

Mark Aitken - Vice President, Advanced Technology, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.
Rod Payne - President, CFNT, Class A LPTV stations in Wichita Falls, TX
Perry Priestley - CEO, Anywave Communication Technologies
Irwin Podhajser - Sr. Vice President Broadcast Operations. DTV America Corporation
Byron St. Clair - President Emeritus - National Translator Association; Active LPTV and Translator Engineering Consultant; Member Board of Directors of Non -Commercial PBS affiliate TV station - KBDI, Denver, CO
Randy Weiss, Ph.D. - Owner, EICB TV, Excellence in Christian Broadcasting; President, CrossTalk International
Jim West - President, The Walk TV; DrTV Channel

"Our board of director members are important to the day to day operations of the ATBA," according to Lee Miller, ATBA Communications Director. "Our board represents a broad range of the broadcast industry including equipment manufacturers, networks, full power, low power and translator broadcasters."

The Board of Directors also elected Gary Cocola as ATBA Chairman, Perry Priestley as Vice Chair and Jim West as Secretary Treasurer.

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