T-Mobile to Pay for Some LPTV Repack Moves

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T-Mobile has volunteered to pay for affected low-power stations to move to temporary channels in order to clear broadcast spectrum as quickly and equitably as possible following the incentive auction.

That came in a voluntary proposal for a Supplemental Reimbursement Program submitted to the FCC Monday, a step LPTVs saw as a positive sign.

“I am writing to inform you of a voluntary commitment that T-Mobile USA, Inc.(‘T-Mobile’) is making to compensate certain low power televisions stations that operate on a secondary basis and are unable to obtain a permanent channel in time to accommodate T-Mobile’s rapid deployment of broadband service in the 600 MHz band,” said T-Mobile. “As detailed more fully below, T-Mobile is offering to pay the reasonable costs associated for such stations to move from a temporary channel to a permanent channel.  While these stations are required to vacate the 600 MHz band when the broadband provider is ready to initiate service, T-Mobile recognizes that some of these stations may need to move twice, and T-Mobile is willing to go beyond what is required and compensate these stations for the additional move.”

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