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NTA Convention Kicks Off Friday in Salt Lake


The 2018 National Translator Association Annual Meeting and Convention is set to open this weekend in Salt Lake City, UT  and runs through Sunday at the Sheraton, Salt Lake City. Scheduled to be in attendance at this year’s meeting  includes Hossein Hashemzadeh, Media Division; Robert Gates, Audio Division; Martin Doczkat & Mark Colombo, OET, Equipment Manufacterers and  Communications Attorneys.

For forms and information, visit NationalTranslatorAssociation.org   or call Susan Hansen  303-378-8209

Here is the schedule:

Friday May 4, 2018

7:00AM                                 Breakfast

                Registration, Exhibit Hall Open

8:15        Welcome, Opening Remarks

           John Terrill, NTA President

8:30        Introduction of NTA Board of Directors And  Convention Staff

              Keith Larson, NTA Director

8:35        Washington Report

              George Borsari, Borsari and Paxson, NTA Legal Counsel

8:55         The Incentive Auction:

                Hossein Hashemzadeh, Deputy Chief, Video Division    Michael Couzens, Introduction

10:00                                 Break

10:15      Incentive Auction Part II: Panel discussion

Hossein Hashemzadeh,,Peter Tannenwald, Fletcher Heald & Hildreth;  Kathleen Victory,Fletcher Heald & Hildreth; Greg Best, P.E.

11:00       “Can we all get along?” T-Mobile Spectrum Roll out

Mark Bishop, Senior Manager, National Development for T-Mobile

11:30       Meet The Exhibitors

11:45                                 Lunch

1:00        fcc audio division update

Rob Gates, Assistant Chief, Audio Division,  Ched Keiler, VP NTA . Michael D. Brown, Brown Broadcast Services

1:30        »Break Outs: Brighton Meeting Room

1:30-2:15   Technalogix & Sencore GUI & Communicating with your equipment

2:15                                   Break

2:30        Federal Reimbursement, Plans & Policies After the Displacement Window:

Bob Weller, VP of Spectrum Policy, NAB;

John Terrill, NTA President;

Louis Libin, Manageing Dirertor, Stagey, HC2 Broadcasting;

Lee Miller, Executive Director, Advanced Television Broadcast Alliance;

Vern Fotheringham, Co-Executive Chairman, Edge Spectrum, Inc.

»Break Outs: continued Alta Meeting Room

              2:30 – 3:30 FM Discussion

3:30        Looking to the Future

Les Zoltan, DVEO.

                »Break Outs: continued Alta Meeting Room

3:30 – 4:30  Microwave Options & Site Details, Kyle Guild, Thin Air                      

4:30        “Moving Down the Street to VHF” – Low Band-High  Band VHF / UHF Antennas

Bill Ammons, Micronetixx

5:00        Explore The Vendors

Dinner Open (on your own)

6:00                  Hospitality Suite Open

Saturday May 5, 2018

7:30AM                           Breakfast

8:30        FCC Update

  1. LMS How To and Q & A
  2. Navigating information and compliance on the FCC Web Site
  3. New Mechanics of filing: The LMS System

Hossein Hashemzadeh, Deputy Chief, Video Division;

Martin Doczkat, Technical Analysis Branch Chief, OET; Mark Colombo, OET;   Greg Best, P.E.; Kathleen Victory,Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth;

9:45        Regulatory q & a

Peter Tannenwald, Fletcher Heald & Hildreth;

George Borsari, Borsari and Paxson NTA Legal Counsel; Jim McDonald, NTA Director; Greg Best, P.E.

10:30                              Break

10:45   Encoding Primer  Joel Wilhite, Harmonic

12:00                              Lunch

1:15    rabbit Ears.info

Mark Colombo, FCC Office of Engineering and Technology

1:30    »Break Outs: Brighton Meeting Room

                1:30-2:30 Technalogix & Sencore

GUI & Communicating with your equipment

2:00    atsc 3.0 What’s Happening & Where It’s Going

Perry Priestly, Anywave

2:45                                Break

»Break Outs: continued Alta Meeting Room

2:45-3:30  Microwave Options & Site Details,

Kyle Guild, Thin Air

3:00    Self-Test & Site Compliance Checklist

Charlie Cannaliato, NTA Director

3:45     Navigating the New Spectrum Environment –

                Finding an Audience and Educating Viewers

Daniel Pray, NTA Director, Moderator; Lloyd Williams, NTA Director; Karlo Maalof,“Mr.Antenna”;

Gary Cocola, Cocola Broadcasting Companies, LLC;

6:00    Reception – Cash Bar & Hor’dourves

7:00                                Banquet 

Michael Couzens Master of Ceremonies

9:00PM              Hospitality Suite Open

Sunday May 6, 2018

8:00AM                            Breakfast