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Next Gen TV Conference Examines ATSC-3 Use Cases


Broadcasters, CE companies, equipment manufacturers and service providers met in Washington in late May at the Annual Next Gen TV Conference, to discuss real and anticipated products and services using the new ATSC-3 standard.

Welcoming remarks by newly-appointed ATSC President Madeleine Noland described the hallmark features of the standard, which include bandwidth efficiency, Internet alignment, and “evolvability.” These new characteristics, she said, offer high integration with IP networks, due to the use of IP as a transport layer, as well as a means to prevent obsolescence by using the Bootstrap Signal that allows for new transmission modes. The standard also presents new B2B opportunities, such as with mobile advertising in transportation vehicles.

Myra Moore, of Digital Tech Consulting, chaired a panel regarding the ATSC 1.0-to- 3.0 transition, and looked at ways to “Encourage Market Collaboration.” Dave Folsom, of Pearl TV, says that there is a growing effort aimed at implementing ATSC-3 in the Pearl member stations, comprising more than 300 TV stations that are network-affiliated with eight of the largest broadcasting companies in America.

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