IBN Television is First Christian Television Network to Broadcast in 5G through ATSC 3.0

IBN Television made history when ARK Mediacom, Inc. (ARK) demonstrated the first end-to-end delivery of IP streaming video content. In collaboration with its key technology partners, the testing was successful utilizing the next generation ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard from studio origination to the consumer edge. This is an important benchmark in proving the ability to deliver IP video streaming services nationwide over the ARK 5G broadcast network. The content used for this testing was the IBN Television network which makes IBN the very first Christian network to be delivered over 5G and the next generation of the television technology in ATSC 3.0. This successful test demonstrates how ARK broadcast 5G will deliver OTT to the consumer edge.

“It is a great privilege to have had our CrossTalk and Today with God TV programs broadcasting on IBN when the new ATSC 3.0 technology was deployed during the ARK Mediacom test,” said Dr. Randy Weiss, president of CrossTalk International. “I’m thankful to report that instead of soap operas or soap powder commercials, the first use of this exciting technology was to preach the Gospel from Israel and from Cuba.”

IBN Television general manager, Joshua Weiss added, “I’m excited that our young network is not only leading the Christian broadcast industry, but also blazing trails in the secular arena by being the first to broadcast in 5G.”

Technologists from 13 companies and 3 continents participated in the proof of concept project with Hitachi Comark serving as system integrator.

Dick Fiore, president of Hitachi Comark commented, “This is just another great step forward by leaders of organizations that have the vision and drive to make things happen.”

ARK CEO, Vern Fotheringham added that, “The most exciting thing about broadcast 5G is our now-demonstrated ability to simulcasting content across a nationwide IP multicast network that enables virtually unlimited OTT video and IP data delivery directly to consumers. This is a stark contrast to the existing fixed and mobile carrier’s reliance on unicast one-to-one connection-based solutions that further impact the over-stressed architecture of today’s Internet.”

About IBN Television

IBN television is a national television network delivered across 52 terrestrial broadcast television stations, galaxy 19Ku band satellite, the Glorystar satellite system, and a plethora of OTT apps. The network is committed to sharing the move of a living God in a dying world on a daily basis.

Further information visit www.ibntelevision.com.

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