The Consumer Technology Association has unveiled a new logo for devices–4K Ultra HD TVs, gateway receivers, portable devices–that meet new ATSC 3.0 interoperability specs.  

CTA is billing NEXTGEN TV as the go-to-market monicker for the new TV transmission standard technology which will allow broadcasters to deliver targeted ads and alerts and get into the interactivity digital space, as well as deliver even higher-definition TV pictures. 


The logo was developed in coordination with broadcasters, device manufacturers and standards engineers.  

ATSC 3.0 will be rolled out by TV stations beginning next year.  

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (the ATSC in “ATSC) tasked CTA with coming up with the marketing nomenclature. 

“NAB proudly endorses the NEXTGEN TV logo,” said Gordon Smith, president of the National Association of Broadcasters. “Broadcasters are committed to NEXTGEN TV technology that enhances the TV viewing experience with better picture quality, immersive audio and improved public safety features. We salute our consumer technology partners and look forward to NEXTGEN TV sets on store shelves next year.”

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