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Broadcasters Eye ATSC 3.0 Rollout in 16 Additional Cities by End-of-Summer, Says Pearl TV


Pearl TV, a consortium of ATSC 3.0-backing commercial broadcasters together owning more than 750 TV stations, and the Phoenix Model Market partners, announced they have targeted end of summer 2021 to have NextGen TV on-air in 16 more cities, bringing the total to more than 40.

The announcement comes days before the opening of the virtual 2021 CES, Jan. 11-14.

“Today, almost 20% of America’s TV viewers already have access to NextGen TV broadcasts, and the television broadcasting industry is moving aggressively to expand the reach of NextGen TV in a herculean, collaborative effort to reach over half of American TV viewers by this fall. Broadcasters are working like never before to launch new NextGen TV channels that offer better picture and more expansive audio options for viewers,” said Pearl TV Executive Director Anne Schelle.

The cities targeted to be on-air with 3.0 by the end of the summer include: Atlanta; Baltimore; Boston; Buffalo, N.Y.; Charleston, S.C.; Charlotte, N.C.; Columbus, Ohio; Hartford, Conn.; Houston; Indianapolis; Kansas City, Mo.; Orlando, Fla.; Providence, R.I.; San Antonio, Texas; Washington, D.C.; and West Palm Beach, Fla.

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