ATSC 3.0 PlugFest 2016

Our own Louis Libin, executive director of the ATBA, is one of the hosts of the “Validation and Verification” compatibility testing of the ATSC 3.0 digital TV standard they are calling PlugFest 2016.  The testing is taking place in Hunt Valley, Maryland with transmissions originating from Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s Channel 43, in Baltimore. Engineers from all over the world have come organized for the tests to verify that modulators and demodulators can operate satisfactorily when connected together using the new standard.

With these tests, the gathered engineers and industry professionals will work with the goal of solidifying a common understanding of the major ATSC 3.0 specifications.  Importantly, the Plug Fest was a functional validation test and not just a competition or a receiver test.

According to Libin, the testing is comprised of over 100 defined parameter sets.  Participants built their equipment to a set of common requirements including input and output interfaces and control facilities. ONE Media and TeamCast developed the SFN field demonstration that has included the world’s leading domestic and international manufacturers: Enensys, ETRI, DekTec, Avateq Corp, LG, NERC and ProTelevision, with each having its own workstation for testing procedures.

The Plug Fest is a necessary part of the process in bring forth ATSC 3.0 and having manufacturers build equipment that works to the standard.

Results will be announced at a later time.


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