As Cord Cutting Grows, Comcast & AT&T Are Losing More Than 8,000 Subscribers Every Day

Now is a bad time to own a pay-TV service like Comcast or DIRECTV. This week both AT&T and Comcast reported their second quarter 2018 numbers. The services lost a combined 740,000 traditional pay-TV subscribers, which works out to be over 8,000 subscribers every day.

AT&T lost about 600,000 DIRECTV and U-Verse TV customers. Comcast lost about 140,000 traditional TV customers.

At this rate just these two companies will lose over 2.9 million traditional pay-TV customers in 2018. There is some good news in the numbers. Comcast saw a big jump in the number of broadband-only customers. AT&T was able to add 342,000 DIRECTV NOW subscribers to help offset U-Verse TV and DIRECTV losses.

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