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What’s this make-Teslas-free concept all about – anyhow?


We’ve all had those lively uninhibited pub conversations with a bunch of mates that range from absolute nonsensical drivel through to some real thought-provoking theories.

Take inventor Percy Shaw for example. He came up with the brilliant idea of cats-eye road lighting after an evening in the Old Dolphin pub in Yorkshire.

Well I had a very interesting pub-chat the other day with Craig, a friend of mine and founder and boss of Electropages Media. The theme of our discussion was provocative to say the least.

In a nutshell it was; “Tesla electric vehicles should be free.” Now let me be the first to point out that this was not based on any statement or input from Tesla Inc. This was purely a pub-chat but it did raise some very interesting aspects about why and how such a crazy scheme might just work.

Here’s the “why” analogy. Very few people actually buy smart phones. They sign a contract over a number of years and then get themselves a £600 phone free but have to pay a monthly fee to use whichever network the phone is aligned to. The end result of that was in a matter of a few years billions of phones where operating and making a lot of cash for the network operators.

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