Oh, Lord: HC2 Gives CBN News Channel A Big Boost

For a generation of television viewers, the Christian Broadcasting Network has served as a fountain of conservative evangelical thought and insight, and the home for such long-standing programs as The 700 Club.

Founded by Pat Robertson, CBN once owned a group of broadcast TV and radio stations. Now, the CBN brand is heading back to the TV dial, thanks to a just-forged “strategic distribution partnership” with one of the biggest buyers of television stations today.The partnership is between CBN and HC2 Broadcasting, the entity connected to the Philip Falcone-led HC2 Station Group.

In an announcement made Wednesday (10/3) by HC2, stations in 13 in HC2’s 134 markets across the U.S. will soon become home to The CBN News Channel, billed as “the first 24-hour Christian television news channel.”

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From Rbr.com

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