April 11, 2022 — For the 2022 NAB Show, the NextGen Video Information Systems Alliance™
(NVISA) today announced the lineup of member companies that will speak about and demonstrate
the latest innovations and developments related to NextGen TV and the implementation of ATSC
3.0. The Alliance also released a complementary show guide to help attendees locate the
demonstrations. The PDF guide is available for download at https://www.nvisa.org/post/nvisanab2022-show-guide.
NVISA is a worldwide coalition of developers and manufacturers working to accelerate the
industry’s evolution toward next-generation broadcast and OTT television systems. Demonstrations
by NVISA members at the NAB show will span the entire ecosystem of NextGen TV, from camera
to display, from content to receiver applications.
NVISA members with NextGen TV-related demonstrations and products at NAB include:
o Comark Communications (Booth C4409)
o D2D Technologies (Booth W9014)
o Digital Alert Systems (Booth W8617)
o ENENSYS (Booth W4509)
o The Weather Company, an IBM Business (Booth N4325)
o TitanTV (Booth W9415)
o Triveni Digital (Booth W9418)
o VideoFlow (Booth W8616)
o And more …
Executives from NVISA member companies will bring their insights to the 2022 NAB Show with
over 18 educational sessions throughout the show, including:
• Motty Anavi, VideoFlow — “What Went Wrong and How Can We Fix It? A Practical
Approach to Cybersecurity for Broadcasters” — Monday, April 25, 10:55 a.m., W307-W309
• Mark Corl, Triveni — “Exploring the Benefits of ATSC 3.0 Datacasting and Opportunistic
Data Insertion (ODI)” — Sunday, April 24, 10:35 a.m., BEIT
• Steve Doll, D2D Technologies — “Using ATSC 3.0 Broadcaster Apps to Provide a Richer
Viewer Experience” — Monday, April 25, 12:40 p.m., W10619 – CMIP Debate Theater
• Fred Engel, PBS North Carolina — “ATSC 3.0 As a Use Case for Public Safety
Communications: Development Milestones” — Sunday, April 24, 10:55 a.m., W307-309
• Bob Folliard, Senior VP, Gray Television and So Vang, VP, OneMedia 3.0, “How the ATSC
3.0-enabled Broadcast App Personalizes Services for TV Users and Opens Opportunities
for Stations,” Tuesday, April 26, 10:00 a.m., W6428 – Connect Experiential Zone
• Mike Kralec, SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Sinclair Broadcast Group, “Interactive
NextGen Broadcast TV,” Sunday April 24, 9:35 a.m., W307-W309
• Heidi Steffen, TitanTV — “Let the EPG Can Help Convert Consumers to NextGen TV and
What Tools You Need To Make This Possible and Efficient” — Sunday, April 24, 3:20 p.m.,
W11100 – CMIP Presentation Theatre
• And many others …
“These exhibits and presentations showcase how NVISA members are pooling their cross-industry
expertise to collaborate, implement standards, and create best practices to help broadcasters
accelerate their transformation toward NextGen TV,” said Edward Czarnecki, NVISA chairman and
executive director.
A complete list of NVISA member exhibitors and speakers at the 2022 NAB Show is available in
the NVISA NAB 2022 Show Guide, available at www.nvisa.org.
Those who are interested may follow the Alliance at www.nvisa.org and on Twitter

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