In the Consumer-Driven Society, Direct-Brand Economy and OTT Lead to Innovation

It started for me with a new television. When I set up my new smart TV, I noticed that there, right next to the traditional networks, were upstart new publishers—sharing space on my screen like equals. That, it struck me, is the new consumer economy.

People now have access to publishers, to brands and to media directly. OTT is no longer simply “over the top.” It is just media. Direct to consumer isn’t a new type of commerce, it’s just a fresh, new brand. And this economy is not a trend. This is a full-scale revolution.

What’s propelling this new consumer economy? The cloud-based internet. Dominant consumer-facing companies have traditionally created value through their ownership and operation of high-barrier-to-entry, capital-intensive supply chains. From CPG to media, the most successful companies owned or had significant control over every major function within their supply chain—including the creation of products or content and their distribution.

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