Former Bee Movie Critic Starts TV Show

A film and television critic with nearly two decades of experience with the Fresno Bee has been given his own show to discuss all things local in TV and radio.

On his June 24 debut, host Rick Bentley joked about his transition from print to the screen.

“I know seeing only my words was something you liked doing, but now you have to stare into my face and that’s a big challenge,” Bentley said. “But trust me, that’s not as big a challenge as I’m having making this adjustment.”

Bentley’s new show, “Rick Bentley’s TV Beat,” runs every other Saturday at 6:30 p.m. on Network Antenna TV, KGMC Channel 43.5, Comcast 378, part of Cocola Broadcasting. In his show, Bentley discusses the news in Fresno’s TV and radio scene and interviews the people who have made their mark in local media. Bentley has said that most if not all of his guests are people that he’s worked with during his time at the Bee.



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