FCC Eliminates Hard Copy Rules

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WASHINGTON—TV and radio broadcasters can go fully digital with FCC regulations after the Commission made the ruling to eliminate the requirement for broadcast and cable entities to maintain paper copies of the Code of Federal Regulations. The FCC, which officially adopted the new practice on Feb. 20, classifies this decision as part of its initiative to modernize media regulations.

his new ruling applies to low power TV, TV and FM translators, TV and FM booster stations, cable television relay station licensees and certain cable operators. Specifically, LPTV, TV translators and TV booster stations are no longer required to maintain a current copy of Volume I and Volume III of the FCC rules following the elimination of Section 74.769 of FCC rules. The Commission also adopted the proposal to eliminate Section 74.129, which required licensees and permittees of FM translator and FM booster stations to maintain current copies of Volume I (Parts 0, 1, 2 and 17) and Volume III (Parts 73 and 74)

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From TvTechnology.com

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