Exploring Next Generation TV: What is it? How is it better? Do I need a new TV? Can I stream?

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RALEIGH — Hundreds of people will be gathering on NCSU”s Centennial Campus this afternoon and evening to take a look at the latest tech evolution headed our way — Next Generation TV, also known as Ultra High Definition TV. But what does this tech mean for you as a viewer? Can you still stream since this new tech is for broadcast over the air? Will you need a new TV? What makes NextGen, as it is called, a better viewing experience? What about this new alert system that is designed to deliver warnings to my neighborhood? And when can you expect to see programming that includes the new features?

To answer these questions and more, WRAL TechWire sat down for a briefing from one of the top engineers spearheading testing and development. And we quizzed another thought leader from the National Association of Broadcasters in search of answers.

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