Dish integrates with Amazon Alexa for hands-free TV


TV provider Dish Network is today rolling out new technology that will make watching television a hands-free experience, via a new integration with Amazon Alexa. The company says that its pay TV customers using either its Hopper or Wally receivers will now be able to search for programs, change channels, as well as pause, rewind and fast forward television just by speaking.

These options are being made available by way of a new Alexa Skill – a voice-controlled application for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap connected speakers.

Once enabled, Dish customers must go to the settings on their internet-connected Hopper or Wally to get a confirmation code that’s used to then connect the Alexa app with their device in the Amazon Alexa app. They’ll also need to pair their device in the app as a final step.

After setup is complete, you’re able to navigate or control your TV through a series of voice commands.

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