AT&T Executive on DirecTV Now’s First Six Months of “Disrupting the Market”

by Georg Szalai

Telecom giant AT&T launched the DirecTV Now streaming service six months ago, on Nov. 30, with networks from all major entertainment companies, except for CBS Corp.

The service debuted with a special introductory price offer of $35 per month for more than 100 channels, which has since expired. Subscribers now pay $60 for that package. Other price tiers provide more than 60 channels for $35 a month, 80-plus channels for $50 or 120 networks-plus for $70, which AT&T has emphasized is the broadest offer of any over-the-top service.

AT&T earlier this year reported that it ended 2016 with more than 200,000 DirecTV Now subscribers, but in its latest earnings report in late April didn’t provide a customer update. Bloomberg News recently reported that the service had 328,000 subscribers at the end of January, but lost 3,000 users in February and saw no change in March ahead of a new marketing push, which includes its launch of broadcast spots with Mark Wahlberg for the first time this week.

Brad Bentley, executive vp marketing for AT&T Entertainment Group, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the streaming service’s first half year, disrupting the industry, where talks about a licensing deal with CBS Corp. stand, why the company picked Wahlberg to market the…

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