ATBA NAB LPTV Day 2016 Schedule

Here is the schedule for Monday, April 18, 2016. (Schedule is subject to change)

ATBA LPTV Day at NAB: Can LPTV Survive the FCC?

8:30 am

Westgate Ballroom D-E opens for the day. Visit with our major sponsors that will have displays setup for the day. Admittance for the day is by business card and your NAB Badge of any level (including the free expo pass.)

9:00 am

Next Gen: Benefits of Single Frequency Network to LPTV

ATSC 3.0 is part of the Next Generation Broadcast Platform (NGBP) – an IP focused, software definable platform that will bring TV content and much more – seamlessly and transparently to the viewer. For the future of Broadcasters this can mean “Welcome to the Software Defined Network (SDN)”. New opportunities arise when local TV stations can be coupled with a virtualized broadcast network. The new business opportunities become targeted and nearly unlimited, divided into four categories including “Core Business Enhancement”.

Presenter: Louis Libin, Executive Director, ATBA

9:45 am Coffee Break sponsored by ONE MEDIA

10:15 am

PSIP 101

Get a PSIP review and history, and then explore current file formats and how the FCC’s changes to the PSIP standards will potentially affect Low Power Television stations.

Presenter: Marge Johnson, Technical Support Analyst at TitanTV, Inc

11:15 am

Repack considerations for those changing to VHF

Space on the tower and in the transmitter room are important considerations, particularly for broadcasters changing from UHF to VHF channels, which may be very common in the Repack.  In contrast, VHF systems have a larger footprint than UHF systems, thus taking up more space in the transmitter building and resulting in high wind loading on the tower.  This presentation will take and in depth look at the effects of changing from UHF to VHF, and outline considerations both from space, structural, and economic perspectives.

Presenter: Dan Fallon, Dielectric


1:30 pm

IP Transport: Standards and Applications

Description:  IP transport is transforming how digital video is distributed both in the studio and to the viewer.  In this presentation you will learn about the standards developed for transporting digital video over IP networks and how they can be used create an all IP infrastructure.

Presenter: Steve Doll, President and Co-founder of D2D Technologies


2:30 pm

A new way of EAS switching

Allowing a simple way for translators and LPTV stations to switch remotely the EAS signal on to multiple streams with a simple IP feed. The new system allows up to 5 different programs to have the PSIP automatically ingested, all the PIDS remapped and the TSID correct.

Presenter: Ted Karam, VP Engineering at Anywave Communication Technologies


3:15 pm Coffee Break sponsored by Sinclair Broadcasting Group


3:45 pm

FCC: Will LPTV and Translators Survive? A discussion with the FCC.

ATBA Board Members and Bill Lake, head of FCC Media Bureau


6:00 pm

ATBA LPTV Mixer and Awards

9:30 pm

Cigar Party

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